How You Can Help #StopCopCity

The City of Atlanta approved and is funding the Atlanta Police Foundation’s $90 million “Cop City”, where police will be trained on how to inflict militant violence on their communities, destroying up to 380 acres of precious Atlanta forest to do so. Coined as the “lungs of Atlanta” by the city government, the Weelaunee forest is crucial to the overall health of the surrounding, majority Black, community. Additionally, the increased police presence in this neighborhood poses a genuine danger to the community given policing trends in Black communities. It’s no surprise that the vast majority of Atlanta residents are against Cop City.

We have the power to use digital disruption to call on these groups to stop the project.

@genzforchange Cop City needs to be stopped, heres everything you need to know and how you can help stop this! #genzforchange #dumb💩ypdtw #stopcopcity #copcityatlanta ♬ Hey It's Me - Official Sound Studio
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