Gen-Z for Change Launches ‘People Over Prime’ Initiative


We are a coalition of over 70 TikTok creators with a combined following of 51 million people. Today, August 16th, 2022, we are joining together in solidarity with Amazon workers and union organizers through our People Over Prime Pledge.

Amazon’s widespread mistreatment of their workers and blatant use of union busting tactics will no longer be tolerated by the TikTok Community or TikTok Creators. Until the following demands – set by the Amazon Labor Union from JFK8 and LDJ5 warehouses – are met, we will refuse to monetize our platforms for Amazon, including all direct Amazon sponsorships and usage of Amazon’s storefront:

  • $30 an hour minimum wage
  • Better working conditions, including:
    • Two paid 30-minute breaks and an hour-long paid lunch break
    • Better medical leave
    • Additional paid time off and eliminating productivity rates that require workers to pick a certain number of items an hour
  • Complete halt of any and all union busting tactics used by Amazon in the past, including:
    • Compulsory anti-union meetings
    • Promising better pay and benefits to employees if they voted against the union
    • Threatening with worse pay and benefits or termination to employees if they voted for the union
    • Addressing specific issues employees have if they promised to vote against the union

We are calling on Amazon to listen to their workers and make tangible changes to their workplace environment. TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users. Unless changes are made, we will prevent Amazon from monetizing one of the largest social media platforms in the world.


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