We are Gen-Z
for Change

We leverage the power of social media to educate our generation, encourage and mobilize civic participation, shift the political debate, and enact change.

We value accountability, justice, and equity above all else.

Whether it’s an organization or a follower, it’s imperative that all of our community partners know our values and where we stand on pressing issues.

Our Wins

Hosted over 700 people to send 250K texts during the Georgia Senate races.

Captured 150K signatures in 48 hours on a petition to help an Afghan family targeted by the Taliban get a U.S visa.

Accumulated more than 12.7M views with vaccine information.

Mobilized over 850 calls to Congress in support of the Build Back Better Act.

Flooded and took down a Texas anti-abortion tip line with over 30K fake submissions.

Flooded and took down a Virginia anti-critical race theory tip line with over 100K emails.


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