Gen-Z for Change

We are a collective of Gen-Z activists that leverage the power of social media to drive progressive change.
Shift the debate
Enact Change
Who we are

A new era of organizing is here.

We bring a variety of talents to our mission – from front-line community organizing to social media content creation to programming to graphic design. We care about a myriad of issues and we aren’t afraid to fight for what’s right.

We are Gen-Z

As Gen-Z, being part of this generation allows us to understand and relate to the experiences and perspectives of our peers.

We Are Activists

We are driven by a desire to create a better world for all, and we are passionate about making positive change in more than just one way.

We Want a Future

It's not just us that we're fighting for. We have a vested interest in creating a positive and sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.

Digital + Community Organizing

We tap into our coalition of hundreds of social media influencers on TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that reach more than half a billion followers. This new model for community organizing amplifies our activists’ ground game.

Gen-Z for Change and Gen-Z X El Cambio’s Tiktok pages alone receive 7 MILLION views a month.

What's planned for 2024?

Last year was a major stepping stone for us, but 2024 will be even bigger.

Expand and Build Our Network
Not only are we able to provide the resources you need, but we are also able to expose ourselves to new possibilities for expansion and improvement.
Focus on Youth Involvement
Young people are future leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Investing in their development is essential for creating a sustainable and thriving future.
Build Out Our In-State Capacity
Building out in-state capacity can help better connect us within communities and allow us to focus our efforts on a more local level.

Our Impact