Statement on Last Night’s SNL Cold Open

On Saturday night, SNL performed a sketch based on Thursday’s Washington Post article about the details of a White House briefing that Gen-Z for Change was invited to and participated in.

This sketch was objectively hilarious. All of us at Gen-Z for Change truly understand the comedy behind senior White House officials answering questions about the ongoing war in Ukraine from people whose platforms are based on what many once considered a dancing app. However, this moment is an opportunity to explain more about our group, our efforts, and our significance.

Gen-Z for Change is a coalition of over 500 creators on TikTok that aim to leverage the power of the internet to educate and mobilize our generation to make change. As for our influence, we have a collective following of over half a billion people, reaching more Americans every day than CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News combined. Our reach is undeniable, and we take a lot of responsibility in using our platform to deliver accurate information, dispel widespread misinformation, and make tangible differences in our communities.

In just one year, Gen-Z for Change:

  • Took down the Texas pro-life Whistleblower website with hundreds of thousands of fake tips
  • Took down Virginia’s anti-Critical Race Theory tipline with over 100,000 false emails from 90+ countries.
  • Successfully prevented several Starbucks locations from hiring scabs. Our website allowed people to automatically submit a false application every 5 minutes to a Starbucks location that was firing pro-union workers, submitting over 20,000 applications in total.
  • Generated over 45,000 petition signatures against Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill alongside a coalition of incredible grassroots activists and organizers.
  • Captured 150,000 signatures in 48 hours for a petition to help an Afghan family targeted by the Taliban get humanitarian parole. Because of our efforts, in April 2021, the petition to help the family was finally approved.

And we do not intend on stopping with tiplines and false applications. We will be leading the efforts in inspiring our generation to vote, unionize, and organize everywhere and in large numbers.


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