Electoral and Policy Advocacy

Prioritizing What Gen-Z Cares About

We will continue our focus on holding the powerful accountable and supporting progressive policies, with a particular focus on permitting reform and climate strategy, emphasizing climate investments in schools across the country with divest from fossil fuels and improving their infrastructure.

We aim to prioritize policy areas that we know our generation cares about, while building out our in-state capacity, focusing on states where we know our voice makes a difference.


We are building out our content creator programs in crucial states for our democracy and human rights. Through these programs, we will implement our Buddy Program, platform hard working young organizers, and more. 

Currently, we’re utilizing these strategies and more to increase student turnout in Wisconsin’s Supreme Court race in April. Coordinating consistently with experienced and local Wisconsin organizers to communicate to students, we’ve been able to emphasize the importance of this Supreme Court election for the state and country in regards to democracy and human rights.



In 2023 we are bringing progressive action to where students are 8 hours a day, 5 days a week: Schools. Gen-Z for Change will bring climate, economic, labor, and racial justice to schools using our content expertise and our strong relationships with leaders in science, organizing, legislation, labor, media, and policy. 

Gen-Z for Change anticipates serving as the connective tissue that will reinvigorate the climate movement, using the Green New Deal for Public Schools as the legislation to help revive the movement for climate justice. We’re coordinating with progressive offices in the House and Senate to introduce the Green New Deal for Public Schools on the federal level and the Sunrise Movement to actualize the bill locally. In coordination with environmental justice leaders, labor unions, and a coalition of students and educators on TikTok, we will message the bill as one that invests in the future of the youth and provides them agency in a pessimistic political climate.