Rapid Response Digital Actions

Getting Better At What We've Done

Gen-Z for Change’s rapid response actions are perhaps our most impactful actions of last year, where we supported Gen-Z Starbucks baristas at union-busting Starbucks locations as well as abortion funds across the country. In 2023, we’re going to become great at what we’re good at.

Past Rapid Response Actions

From Change is Brewing to Virginia tip-line takedowns, our rapid response actions have allowed people to make a difference on the ground from their phones. We plan to combine content with digital tools to support everyday Americans.

Since December of 2021, Starbucks locations have joined in the historic fight for labor rights in the United States, unionizing stores and calling for better working conditions and benefits. Starbucks has continually refused to bargain with workers in good faith and also attempted to hire scab workers through online applications. In February, we created code that sent fake job applications to union-busting Starbucks locations to ensure that workers’ demands were met. We were able to send [x] fake applications to union-busting Starbucks to support workers’ rights across the country.


In April of 2022, thousands of Ralph’s workers prepared to go on strike, demanding higher wages. Ralph’s preemptively tried to hire scab workers, so we created code that flooded the job application pool to hamper union-busting efforts. Contracts were reached before a walkout occurred.


Conservative political pundit, Laura Ingraham, created a tipline to report teachers for… teaching? Ingraham touted that some teachers were attempting to “destroy a child's innocence in the name of tolerance.” To prevent making teaching an even more difficult job, we created code that sent in fake tips to nullify the tipline. Together, we sent [x] fake tips to troll conservatives having a temper tantrum.


Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin created a tipline for teachers who teach “critical race theory,” in their curriculum. Critical Race Theory, a sociological framework, is weaponized by Republicans to sensentionalize a huge nothingburger. Simply put, Republicans do not want an accurate depiction of race-relations in the United States. So, to avoid making teachers' jobs more difficult, and to troll bigoted Republicans, we developed a program that people could use to spam the tiplines with the lyrics of songs or anything they imagined.