Infrastructure Improvement

Focusing On ALL Levels of Government

We aim to grow our contacts on the local, state, and federal level with organizations, activists, politicians, and creators that prioritize our central issues.

With a proven track record, we aim to strengthen and duplicate our successful digital organizing method with a variety of creators and audiences.

Pillars of Growth

  1. Creators that know how to use social media and want to make a difference. Gen-Z for Change’s role: connecting creators to our actions, GOTV efforts, and training them on how to “correctly” talk about social issues on the internet
  2. Organizers doing incredible work on the ground, but are not familiar with effective social media strategy. Gen-Z for Change’s role: training organizers on social media, platforming them on all Gen-Z for Change platforms, and coordinating livestreams. We will also launch a “Buddy System”, pairing creators with organizers that share similar issue interests to make content with one another.
  3. Celebrities that have a lot of attention from their careers and are passionate about social issues, but still need direction for how to turn this into action. Gen-Z for Change’s role: building on past partnerships with celebrities such as Kerry Washington, Bill Nye, Ariana Debose, and Alicia Keys. In addition to training and coordination, celebrities will leverage their fame to popularize our digital actions and the progressive agenda writ large.