Reintroducing Gen-Z for Change

Today, Gen-Z for Change is officially relaunching! This is a moment to officially introduce ourselves as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization, reflect on our past wins, and share our mission and vision for the future.

Gen-Z for Change is a coalition of over 500 content creators who leverage the power of the internet to educate and mobilize our generation to create change. Originally founded as TikTok For Biden in October of 2020, our creator coalition and their network helped defeat Donald Trump, ultimately capturing over 324MM views on our content. But after the election, we knew there was so much more to do.

Over the last year, Gen-Z for Change has been responsible for several actions and initiatives that have created tangible change in our communities:

  • In partnership with Made to Save, we coordinated with mainstream creators to encourage youth to get vaccinated and fight misinformation regarding vaccines, ultimately capturing 12.7MM views.
  • Captured nearly 150K signatures in 48 hours on a petition to help an Afghan family targeted by the Taliban get humanitarian parole, in partnership with IRAP. Because of our efforts, in April 2021, the petition to help the family was finally approved.
  • In collaboration with Climate Power, coordinated with mainstream creators to discuss the importance of climate legislation.
  • Took down two tip lines (Texas pro-life whistleblower and Virginia anti-CRT) w/ 130K+ emails submitted.
  • Successfully prevented several Starbucks locations from hiring scabs. Our website has allowed our community to submit 88K fake applications to a Starbucks location that was firing pro-union workers.
  • Generated over 48,000 petition signatures against Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill alongside a coalition of incredible grassroots activists and organizers.

We are a reminder that Gen-Z is more energized than ever to organize and demand the change they want to see…and we’re just getting started. Gen-Z for Change has every intention to continue utilizing our collective following and digital tactics to power the broader progressive movement.

There are more tip lines to take down, unions to support, and elections to vote in and win. So, if you’re a long-time follower or just getting to know us, stick around because there’s a lot to look forward to!


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